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Introducing a Chief Financial Officer into a company is a timely and often a difficult business development decision. Many businesses miss out on the financial expertise that a CFO can bring, because of budget constraints and because they are not required on a full-time basis. Instead, these business owners try to do it all themselves.

For a small to mid-size business the costly price tag for a top tier CFO may not be the most viable solution. Outsourcing a CFO is a growing trend in the financial industry, and one that most companies should be familiar with and consider when making strategic business decisions. David's expertise in providing a strategic outsourcing solution stems from many years of experience in the role of Financial Controller, providing these services to successful businesses.

There is so much that goes into operating a business, that no one person can do it all effectively. Financial management in particular requires the special skills of a professional. Developing a business plan, budgeting and forecasting, obtaining financing, developing management information systems, and managing working capital are just some of the key roles filled by a company's CFO.

To help you meet your goals and objectives, we offer a myriad of cost-effective and essential financial planning and management CFO services on a part-time basis. That means you pay for what you need, only when you need it.

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